Sexier than Braveheart

You belong in 1500s Italy

Renaissance Florence is where your heart and soul belongs. Surrounded by art and culture, and great thinkers and scholars, you are in cultural ecstasy. Even the scenery takes your breath away. However, not everything is rosy in paradise. The plague has ravaged some parts of your city, and edible food is hard to come by. But what need do you have for a feast, when you can feed your soul with the beauty around you.

What time period do you belong in??

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New pic of Graham McTavish and Caitriona Balfe in the set of Outlander via Outlander Instagram


New Jamie x Claire bits ♥‿♥

I’m from the future


bloodofmyblood-boneofmybone asked:
Hey, I was wondering which video the gifset "it doesn't matter where you come from, you're here" was from?

it’s from the same trailer I made the other new gifs from and those sets have a link in them but i found the video here